Welcome to Nicole Allbrook’s Dancing Angels Foundation!

Nicole Allbrook

Nicole Elizabeth Allbrook, our daughter, for whom the Nicole’s Dancing Angels Foundation is named, died on February 23, 2013. She was killed by a drunk driver in a tragic car accident. She was just 24 years old.

Nicole had a sweet spirit and a smile that would light up the room, as she walked in with her grace. Her laughter was contagious, and her friends say if you didn’t know her when she came in the room, you would want to find out who she was before she left.  She had a heart that reached out and touched everyone with her kindness. Her tenderness also reached beyond people as she had a heart for all animals. She was constantly taking in strays.

Nicole also had a deep love for God, her mom, Terri, her dad, Guy, and her brother, Grant. She was committed to her daily devotion and often shared scripture with others to brighten their day or help them through a difficult time.  When looking in her box of belongings from the accident, the first thing her mother, Terri, pulled out of her purse was a “Little White Bible”.  Click the ‘play’ button below if you would like to hear “Little White Bible” written, played, and sung by Nicole’s father, Guy Allbrook, one week after her tragic accident. 

Nicole had a strong passion for Dance. She started dancing at the age of 3. She performed, traveled, and competed with her dance company Exclusively Ballet and Dance. She had a strong love for Ballet, and this foundation will offer scholarships to young, deserving children to find their passion in Dance. Nicole’s life was too swiftly gone. But her spirit lives on in the ones that loved her and the children that experience the love for Dance as she did.  She will be proud and will have a smile for every child that finds their passion through this Foundation. You may enjoy the video below of Nicole age 14, performing a dance she choreographed to a song her father wrote for her. She is 17 in the photo below.  She is now an Angel, Dancing in Heaven.

              Nicole Allbrook, age 17